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  1. M

    Failure to Comply with Building Order - Guilty in Absentia....two years ago...

    Good afternoon all.. I recently received a communication from Fines Victoria informing me of an outstanding fine of $2,124 having been found guilty of failure to comply with a building order relating to pool fencing from over two years ago. Long story short.... Disjointed communications with...
  2. F

    NSW Police 'facts' sheet changes - is it worth it?

    Hi all, Looking to get a steer on if I should ask the police to change the 'facts' sheet before my hearing in July, pleading guilty to two offences. There are some elements of the 'facts' sheet that are not true, or exaggerations which make the situation surrounding the incident sound a lot...
  3. xshellsx78

    SA Prosecutions onus to prove guilt but not for parts of a trafficking charge

    Hello all, I am hoping that somebody might be able to explain how this can be acceptable in our legal system.. In SA (I am unsure about other states) when charged with trafficking drugs, the charge of ‘trafficking’ automatically states that you were selling/supplying an illegal drug. Different...
  4. A

    NSW Record Expungement if found not guilty

    Hi I was found not guilty on assault charge but it is still showing on my record & it’s the only one. Is it possible to get it expunge. Regards
  5. J

    QLD Pleaded guilty, but no conviction recorded . Any issue for the citizenship?

    Hi All, I have applied for citizenship few weeks ago , and I am freaking out wit all the reinforcement of the criteria for citizenship. I pleaded guilty 6 years ago for an offence, no conviction recorded and had to pay a fine. Is this likely to affect my citizenship ?