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İspir (Armenian: Սպեր, Sper; Georgian: სპერი, Speri) is a town and district of Erzurum Province in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, on the Çoruh River. The mayor is Osman Çakır (AKP). The district has a population of 30,260 while the town has a population of 11,789.

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  1. D

    QLD Text from SPER re Qld speeding fine from 2010

    I've recently received a text from SPER (which I initially thought was a scam text) saying I'm about to lose my licence if I don't pay this fine. Upon investigation, it appears the fine was in Qld in 2010. I moved to Victoria in 2010 so the fine MAY be mine but as there are no details...
  2. P

    Sper speeding fine

    Got a fine yes guilty but applying for instalments can they really ask me for my bank details if not applying for a direct debit im very relunctant to give those details out
  3. S

    QLD SPER without warning

    I have just received 2 SPER enforcement notices in regards to 2 infringements I received. On the 26th of march I got a letter from a Snr Sgt (Officer in Charge) telling me "No action needs to be taken to pay the penalty asociated with these Notices, until you receive further advice". And now all...
  4. R

    QLD How to Keep Drivers Licence for Work?

    Hi, My drivers licence was recently suspended from sper. The police pulled me over and I was ordered to go to court. I paid sper and got the suspension lifted. I went to court today and had to adjourn the case as I work in a different town and need my drivers licence to get to and from work...
  5. S

    QLD Take Speeding Fines to Court and Plead Guilty?

    So I got nabbed doing 77 in a 60 zone. The section of road where the incident occurred has previously been signed for 80km/hr speed limits, and 100km/hr before that. The road is a recently upgraded dual carriageway with separated grass/concrete median strip. The cop who got me was parked facing...
  6. A

    QLD Lack of Rego on Traffic Infringement Notice Taken to Court

    Hi, Last September, I was pulled over by a roadside policeman with a handheld speed radar. It read 70 in 60 zone. I was issued a handwritten traffic infringement notice, but when I arrived home, I noticed the entire vehicle section was blank, as in no rego details, no vehicle details at all...
  7. Shaun Evans

    QLD Car Registration Fine - Can I Dispute Additional Traffic Offence?

    Hi Lawanswers.com.au, I was pulled over on May 28th and informed that my vehicle was not registered/insured. I was just over 5 weeks from when my car registration ran out, and around the same time I had moved house and didn't receive my registration renewal notice. My matter was dealt with in...
  8. J

    QLD What to Do with SPER Enforcement Order?

    i applied to SPER to have an instalment plan to pay off SPER debts. I filled out a financial form and never heard anything back until I received an enforcement order. I need my car to go to work and I also have a disabled daughter who I need to be able to transport to hospital.
  9. L

    QLD SPER Bill of Over 18k - What to Do?

    Hello, I need serious help. I have a rather large bill owed to tolls / sper of over 18k. This has come about because I have ordered a pay tag multiple times, however, none has ever been received and every time I call up I get the same run about as I am a 9-5 worker. I don't have time to wait...
  10. P

    QLD Property Settlement - How Can I Get Money Back from Ex?

    Hi. I have a court ordered property settlement and as part of this, we have to sell the house that is in joint names. My ex has refused to abide by the court orders and has not contributed. I have filed two contravention orders previously and my ex still refuses to abide. There is a...