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  1. S

    QLD Take Speeding Fines to Court and Plead Guilty?

    So I got nabbed doing 77 in a 60 zone. The section of road where the incident occurred has previously been signed for 80km/hr speed limits, and 100km/hr before that. The road is a recently upgraded dual carriageway with separated grass/concrete median strip. The cop who got me was parked facing...
  2. savenature

    QLD Could Police be Exposing Children to Danger?

    Anything done knowing likely to cause harm to a child under 7 attracts a up to 2 years. So what about bicycle helmets that are not recommended for outdoor use without a 710CM sunshade? If the police force my children to use these bicycle helmets which may not be modified, do they commit a more...
  3. R

    QLD Main Roads Resumed My Land as a Cheaper Option - Is It Legal?

    Hi, can you tell me if it is legal for main roads to resume land when they had the option to build a wall but they deem that to be to expensive so they resumed my land because it was much cheaper and they would save a lot of money Roy