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27 August 2020
I bought a car from a private seller, who told me the car is good, nothing wrong, she can guarantee the car. It was also unregistered and I said I would do the registration that afternoon, but she took my license and said she would do it , I was not comfortable with this but I left my license with her and she did it. When I picked up the car she provided no receipt for the registration. On the way home in the car I had just purchased the engine light came on and continued to stay on. I sent this lady a message and she asked me if I had put unleaded fuel in the car and I replied no, so she tells me to unplug the battery cable in the car and this will reset the light. I was not comfortable with this and called RACQ to check, he could not find what was wrong and car reset. A couple of days later I went to the car wash, and while in the car wash there was a bad roof leak in the top drivers side where the windscreen is. Not sure if it was same day or next day the engine light came on again. I sent this lady a message about the roof leak and the engine light on again, and I asked her to take her car back and give me my money back as this car is already having too many problems and you told me you can guarantee the car, she then instructed me to take the car back and she would have it fixed by a mechanic, the journey to her place is over an hour, but I went back and her husband picked up the car and took it too the mechanic. About 1.5 - 2 hours later he returned and told her everything was fixed, so off I went. I have since done a rego check on the car and found it has repairable write off history. I again contacted this lady and told her I had found out the history of the car and was not happy that she was not honest with me, I also asked her for all the receipts concerning the car and she told me she does not have any and to go away and leave her alone. I would like to get these receipts to make sure the car has been fixed legally. I am currently considering having an in depth safety done on the car. It came with a road worthy but am now wondering if this is really legit also as I think her husband is working at a mechanic shop. Is there anything I can do about this situation?