statutory warranty

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A tort, in common law jurisdiction, is a civil wrong (other than breach of contract) that causes a claimant to suffer loss or harm, resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act. It can include intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, financial losses, injuries, invasion of privacy, and many other things.
Tort law involves claims in an action seeking to obtain a private civil remedy, typically money damages. Tort claims may be compared to criminal law, which deals with criminal wrongs that are punishable by the state. A wrongful act, such as an assault and battery, may result in both a civil lawsuit and a criminal prosecution, although in the U.S., the civil and criminal legal systems are separate. Tort law may also be contrasted with contract law, which also provides civil remedies after breach of duty that arises from a contract; but whereas the contractual obligation is one agreed to by the parties, obligations in both tort and criminal law are more fundamental and are imposed regardless of whether the parties have a contract. In both contract and tort, successful claimants must show that they have suffered foreseeable loss or harm as a direct result of the breach of duty.

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  1. T

    NSW HELP, Uncollected goods JB-Hi Fi

    Hi Guys So i need some advice, i bought a TV from JB Hi Fi and there was an issue with it so it was exchanged for a new TV under warranty. The new TV was dropped off and the old TV was supposed to be picked up when the New TV was installed so they could use the new TV's box, this was 5 and a...
  2. J

    WA Blown clutch 2 weeks into statutory warranty

    Hi, i bough a used car from a dealership it came with a 3 month statutory warranty and after 20 days the clutch has completely gone, the dealers mechanic says i need to replace my clutch but the dealer won't pay for it because they say the clutch breaking counts as wear and tear, is this true or...
  3. N

    VIC Statutory warranty, motor car traders

    I bought a second hand car from a dealership it was built in 2010 The dealer has ticked No, for (not covered by a statutory warranty under section 54 of the motor car traders act 1986. My car was built August 2010. Does being covered by warranty refer to year of build or month and year? Cause...
  4. E

    QLD Questions Regarding Statutory Used Car Warranty?

    I have recently purchased a 2012 model car. With 100,500 klm from a used car dealer in Queensland. I had a independent mechanical inspection done on the car a few days after I purchased it. Circumstances did not allow me to get one done before I purchased. They found a noisy front left wheel...
  5. NeedAnswers

    QLD Statutory Warranty- vehicle not drivable to repairer

    Hi, i have purchased a vehicle through a dealer 150kms away, a month ago. The vehicle's clutch has now gone, and was limped to the mechanics. I have advised the dealer of the situation, and have been told they will only pay $1800 towards the $2500 repair, or i have to get the vehicle to them for...
  6. H

    QLD Help with Used Car Statutory Warranty?

    Hi, Purchased a used car a month ago and am having some problems with it. From what I have read about Australian Consumer Law, the problems should be fixed as they are meant to be covered by the law. I've spoken to the dealership and they are trying everything to not have to fix it. The boss...
  7. T

    VIC Lemon Car - Can I Demand a Refund or Replacement?

    I bought a Nissan X Trail 2007 model 2 weeks ago at a dealership and I am having issues already. 2 days after buying it, it broke down on me and wouldn't start up. It started up again after I left it to cool down. I took it back to the dealer and he said it's just the thermostat and will...
  8. A

    VIC Major Car Failure - Taking to Small Claims Court?

    Hi, I purchased a Holden Captiva 2008 model from a car dealership in Victoria with 12 months warranty for mechanical failure but not covered by the statutory warranty due to it having done over 160,000km - I also purchased without a roadworthy which the sales paperwork states but had one done...
  9. M

    WA When Does Statutory Warranty of Car Start?

    Hi There, Recently I purchased a 2nd hand car from a dealer in Perth. The car is 12 years old and so falls into the 1 Month statutory warranty bracket. My problem is this: I bought the car on the 28/09/16 but only collected the car from the dealer on the 5/10/16. The car failed (engine...
  10. C

    NSW What are the Statutory Warranty Regulations for B2B Service?

    I was wondering whether somebody could tell me if there are any regulations around minimum statutory warranty period for B2B service offerings which will exceed AU$ 40k? I understand that the consumer law even for business deals is only applicable up to 40k? Thanks for all the inputs.