VIC Dispute on a car sold

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22 November 2020

I am a private car owner and recently sold a car with a rwc to a lady. i supplied the rwc which was done on 29th Oct 2020. The car was sold on 18th Nov 2020. she came test drove and then was happy with the car. On 20th evening she messaged me that the alternator below up. I was shocked and i asked her how. She said she went to pick her children up and battery light came up and then went and bought a brand new battery and the alternator had steam coming out of the bonnet. she said she was upset and i said i was sorry to hear about it.

on 21st she messaged me that 730$ her mechanic told her to fix and the car is not serviced. before i sold i had got a service done oil change and the sticker was pasted on the windscreen. she is saying if more problems comes she wants her money back. I told her this is a private sale and i cannot take anything back. I had for a letter signed as well saying there is no warranty or returns at the time of sale and car was purchased after it was inspected by buyer.

I am concerned on the tone of her and want to see what options i have if she harasses me. Can i lodge a complaint to the police. or what should i do. She was chatting to me on Facebook and messenger and i told her nicely that i have not lied and car was all fine. I cannot refund any money and i am sorry for whatever happened and to excuse me and i left the chat.

please advice me what i should do. thank you in advance