NSW Intake and Assessment Meeting

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29 January 2020
Hi - my ex and I recently had the first directions hearing for our case and it is now listed for an 'Intake and Assessment Meeting' with a family consultant in about three months time.

I have read the general stuff on the Family Court website, and found some information elsewhere, so have a basic idea of the role of the family consultant, the purpose of an intake and assessment meeting (ie the first 'meeting' with family consultant that will be involved in your case, a way for the family consultant to get a general idea from each party of what the main issues are and to hear each of their wishes/proposals for orders and to prepare a short memorandum for the court to be considered at the next court appearance). I realise it is not the time when they will be viewing you with the child, or interviewing other members of the family etc.

I'm wondering if people who have been through this process could describe their actual personal experiences of what happened at their first intake and assessment meeting?

For instance;
- where it was held - what kind of room in the court house?
- what exact questions were asked?
- did they consider the opposing orders and take sides or propose something 'neutral'
- how detailed was the final memorandum which was prepared for the court? - did it actually specify orders, or was it more vague (ie need to do further full assessment . . .)

Many thanks