NSW I bought a used car, the description was false... Do I have any hope?

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Fraud Falcon

22 September 2020
I bought a car from a Sydney motor dealer. Bought it on eBay.
I live in Canberra and it is not practical for me to keep rushing to Sydney to view or to pay hundreds of dollars for a professional inspection, that is why I bought from a dealer.

The car is 35 years old, good solid country car, described in glowing terms in the listing; "Must be seen to appreciate" "Lovingly cared for" "Gorgeous and super clean throughout" "Strong and healthy engine" "Starts and drives like a new car". "Needs a service and a few bits and pieces".

I am old enough to know that it is going to need a couple of grand to do the "bits and pieces" and register. So I got the car and not a single one of the claims above is true! Weak engine, obvious amateur paint repair visible, cracked windscreen, bent steering on both sides, literally every bushing underneath needs replacing, exhaust leaks badly, numerous electrical and other problems.

I have a quote of $6300 just to repair the bushes and steering for registration, maybe, the mechanic said that will get it to a point where we can look at the rest of it. That is a lot for a car that cost $8k so will actually cost me about $16000 by the time I register it.

The dealer is pasting this text on all his old cars with only a few words changed to suit. Not a single fault was mentioned, only the checkerplate text about being an old car and will need service.

Spoke to him via email and he informs me that he is not a mechanic or suspension expert and all sales are "as is". (He actually lists his yard at a mechanic's workshop and he told another customer I met that he is a mechanic and could offer expertise regarding his vehicle.)

As I said, I am not being unrealistic, I am not wealthy and I can't afford to be ripped off to this degree!

Can anyone tell me if I have a hope? I have been to Fair Trading, what next?