NSW Car with Issues from Gumtree - What to Do?

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Pedro Almeida

22 October 2019
I bought a car from a private dealer 1 week ago and he informed me that rego was paid for a year. He also put this information in the ad on Gumtree but when registering the car in my name I was informed that rego was expired and it needs to do the pink slip.

I took the car to the mechanic and to my surprise he told me that the engine has issues and it could blow at any moment. Before buying the car I talked to the dealer over the phone and asked if the car had any issues to mention and he said that everything was ok and just had some scratches and wear on the paint. He also didn’t mention any existing mechanical issues instead He said “mechanically unbeatable” in the ad on Gumtree.

I tried to make a deal with the seller but he doesn't want. Is there any change for me getting my money back or having the car repaired by the seller under Australian Consumer Law?


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25 October 2016
When you say 'Private Dealer' do you mean a licensed motor dealer but who was selling his or another car privately?? In Qld I know they can't do that and would be up for statutory warranty to repair. In NSW there are laws specifically for licensed motor dealers and the way in which they sell cars but if it is a private person selling you their private car and you have issues, usually the civil courts are the best way to have the issue resolved.
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16 April 2017
I bought a car from a private dealer
A private dealer is NOT a dealer but a private seller, he/she made a good deal by selling you a lemon but that is not the definition of "car dealer"
Another lesson to learn is that very often scammers try to sell faulty stuff on Gumtree, eBay and Facebook Market.
In NSW you can ask help to: Fair Trading NSW