QLD How can we get full custody of our nieces, currently in foster care

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3 July 2024

We presently have our 3 nieces staying with our family in our home after they were urgently required to be in our care due to incidents at the location they were residing under resicare. They have stayed with us previously with us as temporary carers for several months, before being placed in residential care for what was supposed to be a very short timeframe following a court order between child safety and the parents.

The parents are both unfit to care for these children, however are afforded frequent supervised visits.

As it stands, we are being urged to take full time care of the children, however cannot understand how we can make this work, when considering the impacts of scrutiny and endless engagements that are expected, mainly relating to parental visits and other agency inspections and requirements.

With the introduction of all the obligations due to red tape, as well as facilitating parental visits, our entire way of life as we know it is impossible, and impacts not only us, but our children as well.

As it stands, there is a court order in place with child safety having custody. The parents had a 2 year order to improve their ability to care for the children, unfortunately with 10 months left, it is very very clear and evident that their ability to care for these kids has reduced and will not be successful. This is supported by everyone involved and the extended family.

Please, we are seeking any advice that would result in us being able to care for these kids who deserve the world, and are presently stuck with a system that is horrible for children, and appears in our view is only for a purpose of keeping parents rights in place, who simply do not deserve it.

We simply want the ability to care for these kids, in the same way we care for our own, removing all the agency and visitation requirements, as well as allowing us to make the decisions that are required.

As it stands, we cannot even go on a holiday as a family, without consent from parents who are not even capable of providing a roof over their own heads at present, or agencies that require notice after notice.

We only care for these kids who have had a traumatic time to date, and they want to stay with us, and we want them to stay, but need to remove the roadblocks and red tape that prevent this from happening.

Is there an avenue to sidestep the above agency and parental limitations that would allow us to care for these kids as we do our own? Without the red tape of child safety and the continual parental rights being maintained that only detriment the children, as well as impacting our ability to care for our children as well is what we want.

I understand there will be legal representation required, and are fully prepared to go down this path. This request for assistance is more for the purpose of gaining knowledge with what we would be using as a starting point when first engaging and discussing with legal representation.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.