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  1. Z

    NSW Court or Mediation? Child safety

    Hi, hope someone can help me out so I can gain some sort of clarity on what to do next? I removed my 3 year old child from the mother last year due to neglect. A police report was done immediately and FACS was contacted, however FACS did not get involved as there was 1 fit parent. No parenting...
  2. H

    QLD Defamation - malicious false reports to QPS and Dept. Child Safety

    Hello - I'm hoping someone might be able to tell me whether the following is considered defamation: I'm currently a party of a very nasty custody battle in the Federal Circuit Court. The Dept. of Child Safety and Qld Police have just produced records through a subpoena and this is how I have...
  3. D

    QLD Child abuse, yes or no?

    Hello, I am in applicant in a matter that is before the Family Court of Australia. I have a simple question. Is it an act of child abuse by a parent: if a child (11 year old) is withheld (did not see or speak) by one parent from having a connection the other parent in contravention of a...
  4. Misty Rose

    VIC Partner threatening to take baby from me

    My partner threatens a fair bit to leave me/throw me out our home and also take our 11 week old baby from me. I’m worried as I’m not Australian (British), he is and I’m currently waiting to see if I’m granteed my visa. 1. Can he get full rights over me for our baby? 2. If I’m deported is...
  5. J

    VIC On a family preservation order but wants to live else where.

    I have a sister aged 14, is currently on a preservation order, and wishes to reside with me in my care. she has her own solicitor and CPS caseworker and has expressed to both of them that she wants to leave home, due to an unsafe and unstable environment at home. however, there seems to be no...
  6. V

    VIC Ex keeping a girl child in shared accommodation

    Hello, experts. My ex has taken my 9+ year daughter with her, and currently refused all offers of child care, keeping the kid. I got to know that she is sharing a room in a unit with another family to save expenses and claim full child support from me. I am willing to have equal custody of the...
  7. L

    NSW Is A Welfare Check Reasonable?

    I am the "live with" parent of three children (13, 9, 4). At our regular court ordered visit with the children's father, first my 13 year old refused to go. I instructed him that he had to and gave him a hug and all was well. The children's father took our 4 year old child from my car and...
  8. J

    QLD Access and Easement Rights - Relocating Gate?

    We have an access easement on our title for the front lot to gain access to their garage/property. This is fine and have no issue with providing access, however we are looking to relocate the front security gate to further down the driveway to allow for full fencing of the back property/house...
  9. S

    QLD Mum of 3 father moved my kids to Victoria without my consent

    Hi my ex partner and split 9yrs ago and at first I had my children but after some health issues my children ended up with their father which at the time they were only 6mths, 2yrs, 6yrs, 12yrs and 14yrs. My ex was a violent towards me when we we're together and every other kind of abuse you can...
  10. L

    QLD Department of Child Protection Services (DOCS)

    DOCS took my newborn away from me before discharging from hospital, based on allegations from a previous event that happened whilst i was pregnant, this was to do with my mental health. I have, sice this incident recieved professional medical help, been medicated and living with my supportive...