VIC Homeless Child - Legal Options?

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29 November 2014
Our 14yo son arrived home with his 15yo friend (turns 16 in March 2015) and advised that his friend had been thrown out of home. His friend had been living with his 21yo brother who had put him out of the home one week before Christmas.

He has no other family that can assist him as his mother left to live in the UK when he was 9 yo and his father is said to be physically abusive. The boy had been seeking accommodation on a night by night basis at friends' homes and so had been on the move for approx. 3 weeks before he arrived at our home (now approaching 4 weeks). We have agreed to offer him temporary accommodation as he is of the opinion that he does not have the option to return to his brothers home and as such we are not prepared to allow a minor to roam the streets seeking a safe haven. I have offered to help this young boy explore all options that are available to him that will allow him to find permanent accommodation and will therefore allow him to resume his studies at the local high school.

I am very unfamiliar with these sorts of issues and would appreciate your guidance as to where he may stand and who I should contact, what action I can take etc.


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10 July 2014
Hi @Alexandria1

I'd suggest you look at the KidsHelpline website and perhaps ring them. They will be able to provide you with further information as I am not familiar with Victoria.


Hi Alexandria1,

This is a really good resource as well

If it is legal representation this child needs, then I'm sure Legal Aid Victoria will be able to point you in the right direction, however I'm guessing it is more like a community service you require to arrange accommodation and benefits etc .