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VIC Hidden Defaults with Simply Energy Affecting my Future Credit

Discussion in 'Debt and Bankruptcy Law Forum' started by Christina, 28 July 2014.

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  1. Christina

    Christina Member

    28 July 2014
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    I am currently with Simply Energy and when I applied for a credit card I was told I had bad credit when they did a credit check. When I followed this up with Dun and Bradstreet (D&B), I found the defaults were with Simply Energy. I called to address the default and was told I had not just the one found by D&B in 2013 but another that was in 2012!

    When I requested the overdue invoice, I was told it could not be provided. I was given an amount payable and account number attached. So now I must pay these overdue accounts only because someone over the phone said I owe them, and my defaults will be updated to "paid", thusly, remaining on my credit until 2018! Is this legal because it sure ain't fair? Now I have to think about debt consolidation.

    What can I do if I new to apply for credit in the mean time and how can Simply Energy continue to keep me as they have without notifying me of these previous defaults even tho I have provided my updated information and remained a customer?

    Hope to hear some helpful advice soon. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, because I was simply uninformed and unaware, for another 4 years.
  2. John R

    John R Well-Known Member

    14 April 2014
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    Hi Christina,
    You should consider:
    1. writing/emailing Simply Energy to request proof/verification of the debt and the steps that Simply Energy took to notify you of the debt/s;
    2. if this is unsuccessful, complain to the Energy and Water Ombudsman of Victoria (EWOV);
    3. if the debt is verified, you should repay the debt but insist that the default is removed from your credit file/report as a condition of resolving your complaint (in contrast to the default simply being marked as paid or fixed).
    Hope this helps. Please keep us updated.

    Further information:
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