declaring bankruptcy

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    WA Consequences to Declaring Bankruptcy?

    I am a director of a company /business that no longer trades anymore. I don't owe any money to creditors except GST to the ATO. What would I have to pay or lose if I declared bankrupt?
  2. T

    NSW Can Family Still Buy Assets During My Bankruptcy?

    Hi , I am going to be declaring bankruptcy. I had my business and debt incurred 2-3 years ago and I can't make the payments anymore and will declare bankruptcy. My question is, if any of my family members buy a property during my bankruptcy, would that be questionable by my creditors or...
  3. G

    VIC Can I Use Lump Sum to Clear My Credits?

    Can someone please tell me if am I allowed to use a lump sum to clear my debits or do I just declare bankruptcy?
  4. R

    ACT Declaring Bankruptcy - How will Trustee Question Me?

    H, I am thinking of declaring bankruptcy due to unpaid debts whoch occured 3 years ago. I lost all my money in overseas and in gambling and traveling and being irresponsible.. I would like to know how trustee can question me about my last. Thanks
  5. K

    VIC Will Partner Declaring Bankruptcy Affect Me?

    I have recently purchased a house, and now have a rather large mortgage, which is all in my name. My partner recently lost his job, and because I earn too much isn't entitled to payments from Centerlink. He now has creditors chasing him as he is unable to make payments on his credit card and...
  6. A

    VIC Employer Declaring Bankruptcy?

    My ex employer got shut down due to not paying rent. We got laid off. He said he's declaring bankruptcy but no papers have been seen.
  7. S

    NSW How will Declaring Bankruptcy Affect Life Estate?

    Hi I have been left a life estate. I have the right to be the tenant and to rent out the property as long as I pay the insurance and maintain it. Also, I have the option to give up my life tenancy at any time in exchange for $100k. How would me declaring bankruptcy affect this? Thanks
  8. E

    SA Separated from Husband and Declaring Bankruptcy?

    My husband and I separated 3 months ago after 9 years together. He lost his job about 8 months ago and things have since spun out of control financially and we are pretty much bankrupt. During this time, I had to return to work 3 months early from maternity leave, working 2 days a week so we...
  9. K

    WA Declaring Bankruptcy - How?

    How do I go about declaring bankruptcy?
  10. A

    QLD Possibly Declaring Bankruptcy - Fiance Liable for Past Debts?

    I currently have large debts which I can't repay and looking at the possibility of declaring bankruptcy. I am wanting to get re-married soon. If I do get re-married, is my future husband going to be liable for the debts from my past? i.e. Can they take his cars that are in his name and have...