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24 February 2021
Hi Guys

So i need some advice, i bought a TV from JB Hi Fi and there was an issue with it so it was exchanged for a new TV under warranty. The new TV was dropped off and the old TV was supposed to be picked up when the New TV was installed so they could use the new TV's box, this was 5 and a half weeks ago. however the installers said they had no room in the van and they would organise to get it picked up that afternoon.
No one picked the TV up that day and the next day i called the installers again and once again told them the TV needed to be picked up ASAP as it was taking up too much room in my house (86in TV) so moved it into my garage. i called again a couple of days later and they said they would get some one to pick it up in the next 48 hours.
Anyway long story short after 4 weeks of not being able to park my car in the garage i organised curb side pick up and threw this waste of space out as well.

Today however i get an email from JB Hi Fi stating that no contact has been made with their warehouse, even though i called the number they provided for the people who were supposed to pick up the TV . They stated in the email they need to organise a time to pick up the TV ASAP.

Have no idea what to do now as i am no longer in possession of the TV and not sure if they will charge me for throwing it out.

What are my options here?