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JB Hi-Fi Limited is a publicly-listed Australian retailer that sells and specialises in consumer goods. JB Hi-Fi has locations in Australia and New Zealand. The company (which is publicly listed on the ASX) is based in Melbourne, with its headquarters located in Southbank.

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    NSW HELP, Uncollected goods JB-Hi Fi

    Hi Guys So i need some advice, i bought a TV from JB Hi Fi and there was an issue with it so it was exchanged for a new TV under warranty. The new TV was dropped off and the old TV was supposed to be picked up when the New TV was installed so they could use the new TV's box, this was 5 and a...
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    WA JB HI FI repair fee query

    Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I recently took my phone into JB HI FI for repair under warranty which they send away to a company Solvup. I have since been contacted by them saying that due to phone damage they cannot complete the work under warranty and I have asked for the phone...
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    NSW Error of Purchase from JB HiFi?

    Hi, Today (26th Dec 2016), I bought a PS4 with 3 games. One of the game boxes didn't have the CD inside it. Upon looking up with the invoice paper, the serial/code on the invoice also doesn't match with game box's serial/code. Now I have to waste 2 hours of my work time to visit the store at...
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    VIC Australian Consumer Law - Should JB Hi Fi Honour My Online Transaction?

    Now I am a pretty big gamer, and last night I was alerted by the website ozbargains that JB Hi Fi had some PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games on sale for $1 on their online store, so naturally I jumped at the chance and purchased a few, with the transaction being confirmed a little while later...