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    WA JB HI FI repair fee query

    Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I recently took my phone into JB HI FI for repair under warranty which they send away to a company Solvup. I have since been contacted by them saying that due to phone damage they cannot complete the work under warranty and I have asked for the phone...
  2. M

    NSW Error of Purchase from JB HiFi?

    Hi, Today (26th Dec 2016), I bought a PS4 with 3 games. One of the game boxes didn't have the CD inside it. Upon looking up with the invoice paper, the serial/code on the invoice also doesn't match with game box's serial/code. Now I have to waste 2 hours of my work time to visit the store at...
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    VIC Australian Consumer Law - Should JB Hi Fi Honour My Online Transaction?

    Now I am a pretty big gamer, and last night I was alerted by the website ozbargains that JB Hi Fi had some PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games on sale for $1 on their online store, so naturally I jumped at the chance and purchased a few, with the transaction being confirmed a little while later...