VIC Fraudulent Seller on Ebay - What to Do?

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sam xenon

Active Member
19 July 2015
I purchased on Ebay a Bechstein piano from a seller in Victoria. I am in NSW. A nice picture of lovely Bechstein model 6 which should be worth $5-8000. Nobody bid on auction after which I offered $250 which was half the starting price; they accepted, I had the piano shipped. On arrival, the piano is a different brand (Ritmuller) and only fit for landfill.

I got my money back through eBay but I am out of pocket $550 for the freight and also I have the piano here which will cost $400 to dump. I reported this to ACORN and a VIC Police officer said "this is a civil matter"; is it a criminal matter too?

I reverse searched the picture they used and found the piano for sale in a Melbourne piano store for $8500.So they apparently stole that picture to mislead someone into purchasing their worthless piano. I suspect with the intention of disposing of the worthless piano and perhaps making some coin off someone prepared to go along with their deception but more likely as has happened to save themselves the cost of disposing of the piano themselves into landfill. So is it a case of obtaining benefit by deception.

Do the police in Victoria just not want to do anything because of its too much paperwork? In NSW its an offence to do anything misleading with the intention of securing a contract according to the crimes act.

BTW Ebay has prevented me from leaving feedback for the perpetrator.

I discovered that the payment through Paypal was to their business account of a company which sells things other than pianos; would I, therefore, be able to complain to the Fair trading Victoria since on the face of it I bought the piano from a PTY LTD company? I certainly would like my $1000 returned for the freight and disposal of their junk piano.


Well-Known Member
5 January 2018
It sounds a bit messy, but do you have a copy of the ebay listing? can you ask ebay to show the listing? read the listing and obtain the picture, and that can you be your starting point. If you paid by Paypal, I don't remember if the cover the freight costs too? You can ask.

Just remember the saying: if it's too good to be true then it is most properly not worth it.