NSW Fraud and Extortion - What to Do?

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18 December 2015

I had a dispute with someone who took my money by fraud.

Now police has charged me with 2 counts of demanding money by menace and three counts of damaging property by fire. I got bail from court.

The victim ( in this case the man who took my money by fraud ) and his family given police few statements that he does not owe me money( he lied in his statements to police ). Police is relying on his statements but they do not have evidence that he does not owe me money. He told to the police that he went to tribunal and he won the case but he does not have any evidence that he went to tribunal. Police did not investigate about this properly and accepted his words.

Police has further evidence that in some point of time my car was somewhere and my mobile phone connected to a tower close to places that the damages happened.

I have evidence of his fraud partner has already paid me for stopping legal action against them and he was the last one who suppose to pay me.

I have witnesses that they say I was somewhere else and I went shopping to buy food in area close to the place that damages occurred.

I just want to know what is the best way to manage this case. Because I am aiming to get back my money from this fraudulent person and I want him to be charged for the lied he gave to the police. On the top of that I have to drop my charges first.

If you have heard of similar cases please let me know. That would help me to follow their path.



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2 October 2015
In this situation I would recommend talking to a local criminal lawyer regarding defending these charges. If after defending the charges you might want to talk to a civil lawyer in regards to getting your money back or if it is under $10,000.00 you will need to go to the magistrates court.

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