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Coşkun Taş (born 23 April 1935) was a Turkish international footballer who participated at the 1954 FIFA World Cup. Taş, a striker, played club football in Turkey and Germany for Aydinspor, Beşiktaş, 1. FC Köln and Bonner SC.

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  1. A

    QLD qld DVO & Tas DVO needing advice

    first order was issued in the state of Queensland and up protection order second order was issued in Tasmania Hobart classed as a fgo temporary order now has been upgraded to a fvo for a period of 12 months now Queensland we reside in Queensland they are wanting to upgrade their Queensland...
  2. D

    TAS how much notice for salary decrease

    Q how much notice does an employer have to give a full time employee if employer wishes to implement a salary decrease? A. Can the employer implement this immediately B. Under NES does employer have to give two weeks notice before implementing decrease in salary (more than 12 months...
  3. K

    TAS Caught Shoplifting or committing fraud

    Hi guys, Recently, my boyfriend (20) who’s from Melbourne thought it was a bright idea to go to Hobart, Tasmania and commit fraud or shoplifting. His “friends” and himself do this thing where they fiddle with the eftpos machine until it says approved & requires a signature to allow the...