QLD Divorce - Abuse of Children?

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New Member
14 December 2014
Hi. In a divorce situation, is it abuse of the children (girl is 13, boy is 11) when in care of the father they are unable to escape hearing him and his mother constantly heaping criticism and blame on their mother? The mother is careful not to do so, and does not know this is going on. I'm the other grandparent, and only learnt of this a day ago from the daughter, who begged me not to tell her mother.

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Elby,

It is not abuse to children in the legal sense but it is definitely not a conducive and proper environment for children to grow up in. If the divorce concerns custody issues, this could possibly be brought up as the father is negatively portraying the mother and influencing the children's view against their mother. The sole question is whether this would be against the best interests of the children. It would definitely not be favourable for the father.