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Family law (also called matrimonial law or the law of domestic relations) is an area of the law that deals with family matters and domestic relations.

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  1. kimbapuppy

    VIC Sharing Family Matters breaching Family Law Act s121

    If someone is found to breach/contravene the Family Law Act s121 by sharing the filed court documents with others not party to the proceedings, what recourse can I take in and in which court?
  2. S

    QLD Family Law Act, Interstate visitation, rights

    Hello, I moved interstate for 12 months with my 10 year old son and partner for a sea change with permission from my son's father. My son has had infrequent contact with his father since he was 1 year old. Due to medical and mental health issues with my son, we would like to stay interstate...
  3. H

    NSW Clarification of a Directions Hearing?

    Hello, Could someone please clarify what a directions hearing is? As my understanding was along the lines of for mediation / trial directions. However, the ICL advised likely going to a non-attendance direction? I have read the family law rule book 2004 & the family law act 1975 + the...
  4. F

    VIC Family Law - Considered Perverting the Course of Justice?

    Hi everyone, Thanks in advance, I would just like to know if the following scenario is considered to be "Perverting the course of Justice". 1. Individual "A" has a Family Parenting Order made in January 2018 with Individual "B". 2. Individual "A" has an intervention order taken out against...
  5. D

    NSW Breach of s121 Family Law Act 1975

    Did you know that the Commonwealth is allowed to breach s121 Family Law Act? They placed a copy of my Family Court Orders on a Contract for Sale which was disseminated to the public; the Registrar General of NSW uploaded the Orders onto its public register; the solicitor for the Commonwealth...
  6. K

    NSW Equal time parenting (50/50) - no consent orders in place

    Good morning everyone, I've just joined up after finding this forum searching for information that may help with an issue my partner is currently facing regarding his kids. He has been separated for over three years, divorced for 18 months. He reached financial settlement with his partner 2...
  7. M

    VIC How to Introduce Voice Recording and Its Transcript as Evidence?

    Generally speaking, in civil law proceedings that involve with Family law Act and Defamation Act, what is the correct way for either party to introduce voice recording as well as its transcript as evidence? I understand that generally speaking audio recording as evidence is a tricky one, but...
  8. A

    VIC Caveat Removal After Divorce?

    Hi, My ex and I separated in 2015 and divorce went through at the start of 2017. Property settlement is still going on. She has agreed to a settlement sum yet has still not signed the consent orders after a number of months in her hands. I have the following questions: 1) Assume I do not take...
  9. A

    NSW Interim Hearing Case Outline Help

    Hello! I have an interim hearing coming up for custody of my children. The judge has asked for a case outline and I cannot find any templates or guides. The judge has requested a Case Outline setting out: * a list of documents to be read in the case * a precise Minute of Orders sought * a...
  10. B

    QLD Family Law, Hair Follicle Drug test

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with a question. I have an on going family law matter, next directions hearing in May. Myself and my ex partner were ordered to do hair follicle drug testing by the Judge who also ordered an ICL. The hair follicle tests were due back in early March, I...