QLD Debt and Victims of Crime - How to Clear My Credit Rating?

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m mag

16 September 2015
I am a survivor of domestic violence. This included many types of abuse - physical, mental, financial and more I will not disclose here...... I am here in regards to the financial abuse. I am not here to lobby man against woman in regards to my personal matters or anyone else's.

So a quick history

I owned 70 % of my home and the bank the rest for 8 years prior to the marriage, the property was in my name and so was the debt. I met my future husband and had a 9 year marriage with him. All finances were put in my name as he had/has extremely poor credit rating with many defaults and bankruptcy as well as being self employed.

The house was re-mortgaged and a work ute for him was purchased which he had full control over.

The violence and control escalated and I had to get out. I went to Rehab facility to get help, then fled the marriage and home. During this time 7 months he lived in the house and paid nothing to the bank which now owned a good 95 % of house. He paid nothing off the utility - both these loans were in my name only. I was always compliant and open with the finance companies, but with no income, no welfare and in a women's shelter I could not pay. He was earning money and gave me or the finance companies nil.

Now please rest assured I accept responsibility for the debt and I am paying the remainder back - so I am not trying to get out of that. But as a result of this my credit file is in ruins - I have a court ruling for the Ute and a writ / summons for the mortgage - I managed to clean all other debt up.

Now the Ute he would not pay for it and I assisted the finance company by locating it's whereabouts and telling them so they could repossess. I am paying the left over debt off each fortnight.

The Mortgage - house was sold privately and there was a small 8 k amount not covered by the sale which I am paying off each fortnight.

So to my question, I was a victim of my then husband and I can prove this with Victims of Crime recognition for me and my child, ongoing Domestic Violence Order against him, by my admission to a women's shelter when I fled, and by me being completely open about my circumstances with the finance companies involved. (And more - the abuse was real and still is) How do I go about getting these two listings off my credit file on the grounds of financial abuse/human compassion. I am trying to rebuild two years on and remain crippled - not only by the debts themselves but the credit file listings.

(again I am not trying to weasel out of the debt)

He walked away with not a financial scratch, cleaned out my equity in the house and put me in financial prison. Literally without consequence. If you can assist me I would love to hear how I go about getting my once very good name back. Please do not judge me.o_O

Survivor and 3 years Sober ;)
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Hi m mag, I'm so sorry to hear about your situation.

Talk to a lawyer about what you can do to recover funds from your ex. This may be by way of family court proceedings and a property settlement or through a civil court. Failing that, you may be able to consolidate your debts to pay them off faster.

You can also chat to the credit provider and/or Veda regarding your circumstances and attempt to mitigate the damage to your credit history.
Check out this link: Is credit repair possible? | Your Credit and Identity