NSW Credit Corp Debt that wont go away

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5 July 2019

I originally took out a loan for my ex husband with Commbank and it ended up with credit corp in 2011. I was defaulted and my default expired last year. I am paying $100p/w. the debt was originally $23k and i have now paid $35k with $10k left at 12%
I have asked them to tell me what the principle debt is and what the interest is for the balance of $10k (so $4,000 is debt and $6k is interest) but they said they don't have to tell me and I can look at what i have paid and calculate it.
I told them i want an answer and they said they will email me by close of business today
I don't want to pay this debt anymore as it belongs to my ex husband but its in my name

Can someone please tell me how I can legally make this debt go away as I am trying to move on with my life and start fresh. I'm happy to pay $2k lump sum to settle if that's what it takes to close finalise the debt

Or what happens if I stop paying it?

Thanks in Advance