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The Council of School Supervisors & Administrators (CSA) is a New York City based collective bargaining unit for Principals, Assistant Principals, Supervisors and Education Administrators who work in the New York City public schools and Directors and Assistant Directors who work in city-funded day care. It was founded in 1962 as the "Council of Supervisory Associations."Since its inception, the CSA has played a major role in NYC public schools, including arguing successfully for salary increases, a salary index, and creating a welfare fund for its employees. It became a member of the AFL-CIO in 1971 as part of a new national organization.

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    QLD Can Debt be Waived Due to Bankruptcy?

    In January this year I declared bankruptcy. September this year, after my partner and I broke up, I applied for FTB and the ATO must of reassessed my income for financial year ending 2015. I received a tax debt of $1500. Obviously this debt was not known at my time of filing for bankruptcy and...
  2. J

    NSW Debtor Wants to Repossess Car Still in Finance - Help?

    Hi, I have recently been declared bankrupt and all of my debtors have been informed. There is one debtor, however, for a short term loan that I got a few months ago that was originally $2000, but with late fees etc, this has now gone up to over $3600. When I got this pay day loan, one of the...
  3. S

    Non-Voluntary Bankruptcy - Outrageous Creditor Claims and Trustee Fees?

    Can someone confirm if this is right? I did not voluntarily declare bankruptcy but was declared bankrupt through the courts while I was in the hospital. 1. As a Bankrupt, I have very little rights. 2. The Trustee can freeze my bank account 3. The Trustee does not have to confirm the debt of...
  4. S

    SA Bankruptcy for Debt that is Not Mine?

    Can someone help why it is so difficult to find a lawyer with balls to go up against corrupt Credit Corp? Why is the Bankruptcy Act on the side of a corrupt creditor (Credit Corp)? Credit Corp has declared me bankrupt over a debt that is not my debt. Now I am loosing my home over a $5k debt...
  5. D

    WA Go to AFSA for Disputes with Debt Administrators?

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone knows whether AFSA is the place to go for all disputes regarding debt administrators. Essentially, I have an issue with the amount in fees I have been charged by the administrator and, although I could be mistaken, I believe figures were changed on the proposal...
  6. G

    NSW Ex Declared Bankruptcy - Go Through Property Settlement to Get House Back?

    This is both Bankruptcy and Family Law related. My ex declared bankruptcy while we were separated and we have now been divorced. No property settlement has been done through the courts yet. I have until September 2016 to do this. Due to her bankruptcy the Public Trustee (AFSA) now has 50% of...
  7. P

    ACT On Payment Plan with Debt Cutter - What Happens After?

    I am currently going through a company called Debt Cutter as I fell behind in my loan and credit card payments due to taking a year off work with various medical conditions. The documents have gone to AFSA for final approval and I am still waiting on hearing back. My questions are: does this...
  8. R

    NSW Bankruptcy and Joint Loan

    Hi, My ex-wife and I had a joint unsecured personal loan of $15,000 for a car. We agreed that I would keep the car and continue the repayments. As of early this year I entered an agreement with the bank that I would pay $405 per month over 3 years without interest. We officially got a divorce...
  9. L

    NSW Letters of Administration and Bankruptcy

    My fiancee/de facto husband passed away very suddenly in February 2015. I am absolutely devastated at losing him. We were to be married in April this year. He died without a will. With the help of my solicitor I started to apply for letters of administration but had to stop at the yes or no...
  10. R

    Bankruptcy Discharged but ATO Tax Debt Unfinalised?

    I declared bankruptcy in 2010 and was discharged in 2013. In my initial application for bankruptcy, one of my creditors was the ATO. During the period of 2010-2013 when I received my Notice of Assessment, it showed a balance of zero after I had paid any outstanding amounts for that year . Just...