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    Grandfather Passed Away and I Cannot Close His Bank Account

    I was my grandfathers financial power of attorney. he died without a will. I went into the Westpac bank and showed them his death certificate and they cancelled all his pension payments but 1. he was from England and had 3 pensions deposited into his bank account. when he passed away there...
  2. B

    NSW AVO & Citibank and Credit Corp Debt Collection

    I have a debt from Citibank that I am currently paying it off with Credit Corp (debt collectors). I currently have an AVO order on my ex. Credit Corp uses Facebook to call who they can. I am worried they are interfering with my safety. I have told credit corp about the avo. I can't shut my...
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    QLD Privacy Breach by Citibank?

    Greetings. I have sold my unit. I have outstanding credit card debt with Citibank. They gave me a lite mortorium, which has expired & they have been trying to contact me, which i had not been answering any calls due to illness. I finally contacted them and learned they knew of the sale of my...