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    13 January 2020
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    I owe 2 x debts to Credit Corp. G.E P/Loan - Original debt $13k Credit Corp - $20k. I believe the debts were sold to credit corp back in 2015/16 could even be earlier.

    I did sign up with a Debt Management Firm called "Clickthru" then they dissolved and the founder renamed his company to "No Bankruptcy". I had a few debts that they settled for me at more then 50% discount however it came with weekly fees of $110 to settle my debts. Each debt settled incurred a fee of under 10% per debt.Also I had to pay $2500 for an initial deposit to commence services with them. So basically over a course of 2 years or so I have paid over $10k just in fees (not including the deposit and settlement fees per debt) alongside saving money to settle each debt which their were probably 4 or 5 that i had settled.

    I had the remaining 2 x debts remaining with Credit Corp and I had a few issues financially maintaining the weekly fee to No Bankruptcy and decided to cease my service with them.

    Now I have Credit Corp sending letters of demand for just the Ge P/Loan debt at the moment,with calls. Advising that if I do not remedy the debt that they may proceed with court judgment by the 27th Jan 2020.

    My question is, Credit Corp in that whole time that they bought the debt between 2013 - 2016 (unsure of the year) and they have never defaulted me. Now that I am no longer under an agreement with No Bankruptcy to represent me can Credit Corp now default me?

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