NSW AVO & Citibank and Credit Corp Debt Collection

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30 July 2014
I have a debt from Citibank that I am currently paying it off with Credit Corp (debt collectors). I currently have an AVO order on my ex. Credit Corp uses Facebook to call who they can. I am worried they are interfering with my safety. I have told credit corp about the avo. I can't shut my Facebook down, don't remember detail and facebook won't close it. I really worried they are going to contact my ex or his friends. Where do I stand legally?

Paul Cott

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26 May 2014
Ballarat, Victoria
Hi Bellamarie,

If Credit corp contacted your ex, your AVO you have shouldn't be affected. You can't prevent them contacting your ex.

If your concern is them revealing details about you, to your ex, you just need to tell them not do to so and why.