WA Couldn't Refinance - Made a Complaint to Veda - Compensation?

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george evans

27 June 2014
I was going to refinance when I discovered a default list on my personal credit report file. I couldn't get credit anywhere. I made a complaint to Veda, the default was removed because they didn't follow the privacy act 1988 procedure.

I lost my home and other assets because I couldn't refinance from a finance company to a Bank.

Can I claim compensation?

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi George,

You will unlikely be able to claim the full amount of your loss, however, you may be able to lodge a complaint against the company that applied for the listing (or Veda), if they breached any laws, and get some relief from that. You could also see a financial advisor to talk about what to do about your financial situation so you mayn't need to rely so heavily on refinancing. Your local community legal centre should offer free financial counselling services. You could also speak with the legal centre about what laws Veda, or the creditor, may have breached.