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This article deals with the general concept of the term credit history. For detailed information about the same topic in the United States, see Credit score in the United States.A credit history is a record of a borrower's responsible repayment of debts.
A credit report is a record of the borrower's credit history from a number of sources, including banks, credit card companies, collection agencies, and governments. A borrower's credit score is the result of a mathematical algorithm applied to a credit report and other sources of information to predict future delinquency.In many countries, when a customer submits an application for credit from a bank, credit card company, or a store, their information is forwarded to a credit bureau. The credit bureau matches the name, address and other identifying information on the credit applicant with information retained by the bureau in its files. The gathered records are then used by lenders to determine an individual's credit worthiness; that is, determining an individual's ability and track record of repaying a debt. The willingness to repay a debt is indicated by how timely past payments have been made to other lenders. Lenders like to see consumer debt obligations paid regularly and on time, and therefore focus particularly on missed payments and may not, for example, consider an overpayment as an offset for a missed payment.

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  1. K

    NSW Credit Corp cannot reproduce notice documents and fail to provide notice

    Hi everyone, I hope some people can help me Out and ease my mind a bit. So recently credit Corp lodged a default on my credit file for a debt they purchased from the commonwealth bank for an outstanding credit card balance. I maintain I have received no written notice of their intention to...
  2. C

    VIC How to Get Commercial Default Off of Credit Report?

    Hi, Can someone tell me, how can I remove commercial default in my personal Veda report? Is there a way to take to the court get an order to remove it? Also creditor's lawyers have requested the commercial default to be removed in my credit report through Veda by sending relevant documents...
  3. S

    NSW Opinion on My Credit Card Debt?

    I think debt collectors are trying to get into contact with me and the only thing that might be hanging over my head is a credit card debt from the early 2000's in which I haven't made any payments to since 2002 or early 2003 at the very latest. So I understand the situation in NSW that the debt...
  4. G

    WA Couldn't Refinance - Made a Complaint to Veda - Compensation?

    I was going to refinance when I discovered a default list on my personal credit report file. I couldn't get credit anywhere. I made a complaint to Veda, the default was removed because they didn't follow the privacy act 1988 procedure. I lost my home and other assets because I couldn't...
  5. B

    WA Credit Report - Old Court Summons and Judgment?

    I recently had a credit report done and found I had a court summons and judgment from 1-2 years ago for $23,000. I don't know what this is from, how can I find out what it relates to so I can follow it up?