QLD Can Same Debt be Listed Twice on My Credit File?

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2 June 2015
Hello. Just looking for some help or legal advice.

When I was younger, I had a bad debt around 7 years ago which I didn't pay (worth around $2.5k) so only a small loan for a TV, which went sour and it ended up going to debt and a default was put on my credit file around 2 years after the debt went sour.

After the 5 year period (7 years in total) since the bad debt, it has finally been 'deleted' from my Veda Advantage credit file. I have checked this and yes it has vanished off my report.

However recently i have received a letter from the same people requesting that i pay the total amount within 7 days or they may take 'further action'

My question is: can the same default be listed twice on my credit file? And if they take 'further action' (I assume a court action) would this stay on my credit file again for another 5 years?

Also, why didn't they 'take action' during the first 7 years?

Just needing to know where I stand with this. I know I should have done things differently, but I would like some help. Thank you

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Friends44,

The same debt can be listed twice if, for example, you enter into a payment arrangement with the creditor and you default on this payment leaving the debt still unsatisfied.

What happened the first time round? Did you pay the debt? Did you and the creditor enter into a payment arrangement and if so, did you perform this arrangement? Why are they listing the debt again 7 years later?

If you are disputing this listing, you should firstly, contact he creditor directly to enquire and ask that they remove the listing, then if the dispute continues, contact the Financial Ombudsman Services for advice and possibly to lodge a complaint.
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