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    has anyone heard of their ex having a separate child support case worker then yourself.
    I was wondering what the reasons for this would be?
    My ex is really difficult in relation to child support decisions and appeals just about everything or doesn’t reply or waits until
    the last day to reply so I can be months and months before my child support is adjusted according to changes. Today I’m following up a change of care for one of my kids that I put in 3 months ago. I’ve made several calls to csa and finally got to speak to the caseworker, he told me the final decision will be made in the coming days when my ex’s caseworker is contacted, I asked why he has a different caseworker as I thought csa cases were handled by the same caseworker. The fellow replied I can’t tell you why, so I asked in general what are the rules around there being more than 1 case worker, I wanted to know for my own information and if this was of any impact for me now or into the future, I just got told that I can’t be told the reason a 2nd case worker would be involved generally or otherwise.
    Just looking to shed on light on why or how this can happen and if I’d need to be aware of anything about this. My ex is so difficult I like to make sure I’m well informed of all these things.

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