QLD Caught Shoplifting at Coles - Help?

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14 July 2019
I was caught shoplifting about $65 worth of things from Coles (Queensland) earlier today. First time ever (last time ever). To be honest, I don’t know why I did it. I’ve been stressed, exhausted and things are tight - still no excuse.

I got stopped by 2 plain clothes officers and then took me to the back room and went through my bags. They took a copy of my ID and as it was over the store “allowance” it was up to the Store manger whether it went further. After talking between themselves and asking me if I’ve learnt anything, they agreed to take the items off me, let me go and gave me a stern talking to however it was now out of their hands.

She said it’s 50/50 as to what happens next. While apologising over and over again she told me I needed to leave as the police were in store for another matter and if I was seen in that room, they’d want to know why etc. being so embarrassed and apologetic I even gave my number (they didn’t ask) to her etc if they needed anything more from me. She thanked me and told me I’ve been polite, cooperative, apologetic and she can see all this.

Wtf happens now?! I’m so anxious and terrified. Please help!!


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10 April 2019
Hey Holly, a similar instance in Coles QLD. The loss prevention officers (LPO) said anything under $50 they’ll let it slide, if its over $50 it’ll get taken further to police. But as they said it’d be up to the manager to see if they’ll take it further. I’d say plan for worst case. If you have no other convictions or history with police, you’ll get a fine at court and no criminal conviction to my knowledge.
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18 May 2020
Greats news and happy you leaent your lesson too.
Going through the same thing now;

Two plains clothes men pulled me aside and same senario.

Have leaent my lesson for aure, not looking forward to the next few anxious weeks, in turn deserve it though.