NSW Caught shoplifting at Coles 2 fines

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26 September 2019
Hi all,
I was caught shoplifting at Coles earlier worth $18. Once I left the store, a shop assistant asked me to come with him to the back office. There I was questioned by a police and issued a fine of $300 (he gave me a fine ticket just like a speeding fine ticket on the spot). But on top of the stuffs I took from Coles, there were another $13 I shoplifted from Woolies (they asked if I paid, and I honestly said no I did not). So the police said that he will fine me another $500 - totalling $800 for both. But he said he will email me for the $500 one. I asked him to give me both fines at once but he said he couldn’t. But he said it was my very lucky day as he will not take further action (to court) and there won’t be a criminal record issued - it’s just like a normal speeding fine (that’s what he said). And he said this many times, he even said that if I travel overseas and asked if I ever convicted on any criminal offence, I should say NO. My questions:
1. Is it normal to fine a $300 then said “i will email you the $500 one)?
2. Why did not he issue the $500 fine at the same time?
3. Is it normal to fine 2 different fines with 2 different amount?
4. He said that there will NO be a criminal record (he said that about 3-4 times). Can I trust him?
5. How long does it take for me to receive the fine on my email? I just can’t eat, sleep, or focus on anything.
Well, to everyone who read this, DO NOT shoplift for whatever reason!! It is seriously NOT worth it. The shame and guilty feeling will never outweigh the stuffs we stole. Thank you in advance for all the answers, really appreciate your time. Again, let us obey the law and hope there will be less shoplifters after my posting.


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25 July 2018
1 & 2: Don't know and it's not something you should worry about. They'll have their reasons and whatever they are, it doesn't really matter.
3. This is not unusual if there are multiple infringements.
4. Yes you can trust them. An infringement is not a conviction.
5. I don't know, but from what I've read on this site, it usually doesn't take long. I would think within a few weeks would probably be normal.
Well, to everyone who read this, DO NOT shoplift for whatever reason!! It is seriously NOT worth it.
Good advice. You're looking at $800 in fines, but think about what could have happened if you were charged and had to appear in court - the offence would most likely be Larceny under section 117 of the NSW Crimes Act and the maximum penalty under that section is 5 years imprisonment.