SA Can I Pursue Fraudulent Credit Card Transactions?

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30 May 2017
I recently discovered a large number of small value fraudulent credit card transactions all with Apple iTunes in the description. Total is over $20,000. I notified the bank in April. The bank has refunded the transactions for 2017, which accounts for half the amount.

They say their terms and conditions limit their involvement to 3 months and will not do anything on the 2016 transactions - which amount to another $10,000 and I should contact the merchant. Apple say they cannot do anything without the bank involvement.

I have evidence of the transactions, and neither party is disputing the transactions are fraudulent, but they do not perceive liability. I have one iTunes account with virtually no transactions on it. I have a bank statement showing all the transaction history.

Am I entitled to pursue these unauthorised transactions? It does not seem logical to me that these Terms and Conditions catch me out along with their internal processes. It is a lot of money, and I did not authorise these transactions. Did not notice as very small transactions, was overseas for the worst of it, and do a lot of transacting on the card. There are approx 30 legitimate transactions of similar size to the fraudulent ones.


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30 March 2015
I am not sure, but as i understand that a person must notify as soon as possible the unauthorised transaction, which is any regular person would consider a reasonable time, and I think that the 3 months period is more than a reasonable time, so from this understanding I don't think you can, but there is no harm in contacting the credit card service supplier and dispute it, but that also will depend on how strong is your evidence.
I hope that helps,
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27 May 2014
Chances are the transactions have nothing to do with Apple so unless the Bank confirms the merchant id as belonging to Apple there is no point talking to Apple.