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The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) MVP is the annual award that is handed out at the end of each Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) regular season to the league's most valuable player. From the league's inaugural 1995–96 season until the 2011–12 season, only Chinese/Taiwanese players were eligible to win the award. Since the 2012–13 season, separate awards for both domestic and international players are handed out. Domestic players are eligible to win the CBA Domestic Most Valuable Player award, while international players are eligible to win the CBA International Most Valuable Player award.

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    NSW Can CBA decline my debit card transaction to Binance?

    Hi folks, I have tried 5 different times to buy crypto from Binance in the past week and all the payment methods were declined by CBA. The only payment methods Binance can take are credit/debit cards, Google and Apple pay, or Peer to Peer. I have tried credit card, google pay and also debit...