WA Stolen Credit Card - Will Police Investigate?

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John Lenon

25 October 2018
I would be grateful if anyone has had a similar experience or if anyone works in the banking industry would know and help me with this…

After realising that I had lost my debit / credit card in Perth Southern Suburb when I was visiting my bro, I immediately went into a branch to cancel it and asked for a new one be sent to my home address in Perth. I noticed some unauthorised transactions made, like buying burger from a restaurant in Armadale by the person who found my card and used it before I could freeze it.

The estimated amount lost was around $20 (from multiple transactions).

The bank (Westpac) mentioned to me that if I wanted to, they could print out a detailed summary of the transactions and I could take it to the police for investigation.

So, my questions is: If I report, will the police bother investigating this to the catch the guy who used my card?



Well-Known Member
5 January 2018
As the amount is not material, I doubt it, this is my opinion only. I maybe be wrong.
You can dispute the unauthorised transactions and they will be reversed. You need to prove you did not do them such as you were in a different place of where the transaction occured.