QLD Can I ever clear criminal record?

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18 July 2020
From what I‘ve gathered I can answer no to 'do you have any recorded criminal convictions?' as I didn’t have a conviction recorded.
But must answer yes to 'Have you ever been charged with breaking the law?' or 'have you ever been convicted by the Queensland Magistrates Court?'

Will I ever be able to completely erase this black mark on my record?
And be able to say no to the latter 2 questions.


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7 September 2017
The way I understand your question is that you were never 'convicted' of anything, however you were charged and appeared before a Queensland Magistrates Court. So, I think you can safely answer 'No' to the question, "Have you ever been convicted?" and 'No' to "Do you have any recorded criminal convictions?". You would of course have to say 'Yes' to "Have you been charged with breaking the law?"
Unfortunately, if you were charged by Police, even though you were not convicted and fined, your record will show that you were charged but no conviction was recorded, for ever. If it was a minor matter, say under the Regulatory Offences Act, you may be able to get your record cleared after a few years these days. I'm not sure, you'd have to ask a lawyer or make inquiries with QPS, but I doubt it. IMHO if you keep your nose clean for the rest of your life then this 'record' shouldn't affect you in any way. Maybe someone else here can give you some more info. Cheers.