NSW Criminal Record - Is a 1968 Conviction Now a Spent Conviction?

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2 March 2018
My brother was convicted in NSW in 1968 for indecent exposure. He was 19 and got a conviction recorded and a 2-year good behaviour bond. He's committed no offences whatsoever since then.

He's now 69, retired and is seeking voluntary work. He hasn't accepted the jobs because this work requires him to be subjected to a criminal history check, and he's scared this offence will become known to people "if" it's still on his criminal record and he applies for a criminal history check (we live in a small town).

He and his mates were running around naked on a secluded beach and someone reported them and they then got arrested. Back 50 years ago this was considered perversion so they all got good behaviour bonds and criminal records.

I suspect that "technically" this would be recorded as a sexual offence. There was no jail sentence, just the good behaviour bond and a conviction.

My question is: Would this 1968 offence still show up in any official criminal history check?

Thank you.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
The price of peace of mind here is about fifty dollars.
Your brother may care to do one of those online criminal history checks on himself.