Bridging Visa B Refusal

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20 May 2019
Hello, I wanted to know more specific question about an visa process situation. My agency applied my visa wrongly one day after my substantive visa ended, with that said, I got a Bridging Visa C. Trying to fight back, I hired another agency while the immigration asked me a English proficiency test, also a mistake from the agency of not telling me I had to do the test to enter my school. My new agency thought the best way was to cancel my CoE and lodge a new CoE explaining to them I was mislead and I wasn’t prepared. But before we got the chance to explain, they refused my visa. My agent told me when a CoE is cancelled automatically the immigration gets a notification and I have 28 days to lodge a new one with an explanation. He thinks the immigration chose to ignore this and as I didn’t sent what they asked, they refused my visa. What should I do now? Should I asked for a review? Will I have the chance to explain what happened? And if I don’t ask to be reviewed, will I be able to lodge a new application considering I was on a BVC? If someone could answer this I would be immensely thankful.