NT 8539 condition for secondary applicant

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New Member
18 November 2020
Hello,I need some advise and help on this topic. We are a family of 5 and are living in Darwin since 2017. My son however could not be in Darwin since his tertiary education could not be met . He was finishing his A levels in the UK and was to start his Dr of Medicine in the UK which we turned down in 2018. We tried applying to all the regional Universities but they declined him due to him not meeting their requirements. We could not apply to CDU since Medicine is only for domestic students. After applying to various universities, Western Sydney Uni came back with an offer at their Campbelltown campus. We accepted as it was 60km away from the city. He has now completed his first year. We had lodged our 887 last year in October and the dept just came back to us with Natural justice letter about him. We had disclosed them that he had to move to complete his degree in Medicine. Our other 2 kids are with us in Darwin and he could not do the same due to the limitation in the education being offered. My question is, will the dept. based on merit , still grant us our visas if we have explained to them?