VIC Student Visa - Work Condition 8104 - Urgent Help

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22 February 2021
Hey Everyone,

I need an urgent help regarding Visa Condition 8104.

My wife was a diploma student while I was in spouse visa. Hence, I had this Visa condition 8104.

I have received a job offer from regional Victoria on Oct 2020 and immediately my wife started a master degree course from November 2020 and we applied for a new 500 subclass visa so that I can have a full time employment option.

We have done our medical on December, but till now haven't got any response yet. (just wondering may be it is because the visa subclass is still the same which is 500 and the previous visa will expire on June 2021).

As per my current visa work condition 8104, that is being provided with the diploma student visa grant , it says:

"If the course of the study the primary student visa holder undertakes is for a masters or doctoral degree then you are permitted to work more than 40 hours per fortnight but only in these circumstances"

Since, my wife stopped studying diploma and already started studying masters from Nov 2020, doesn't that mean I can start working full time now once I provide the CoE to my employer as an evidence showing she is not a master degree student?

Kindly help pls. Thanks