NSW Nepal Earthquake - Can We Bring Mother to Sydney?

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28 April 2015
I am a 485 visa holder, I am on a dependent visa. Me and my 2 sisters are in Sydney. My elder sister is in 485 visa as well, primary applicant and is planning to move to regional NSW, Dubbo. My younger sister is studying bachelor of accounting at one of the leading universities, Sydney campus and is on final semester of her 1st year diploma.

As you are aware of the current situation in Nepal due to earthquake, 3 of us here are devastated and have been crying since the day. The pain we are going through cant be described. My mother is alone is Kathmandu. The situation there cant be compromised and 3 of us going there leaving everything here is bit scary. My younger sister is in a messy condition. She is preparing for her final semester and we would love to have our mom by our side here in Sydney.

Is there any option to bring our mom here? We are ready to show and pay whatever needed financially here in Sydney. All the health requirement arrangement would be done through private health cover.

All we need is to be with our mom who is facing such a crisis alone in Kathmandu, Nepal in absence of her 3 dear daughters because of whom we are what we are today and are where we are today.

Will you please give me some options on how can i apply for my moms visa. I checked in Department of Immigration and Border Protection, but could not find it. I learnt and heard somewhere that if more than 50% of the children are in Australia then there is one visa for parent to come and join them in sydney. The reason we want our mom to come and join us is we want to be with our mom and give her emotional support when she needs it the most.

Please help me and please guide me what to do. All the offices and things are destroyed in Nepal. The condition is Chaotic. So we were thinking of applying for her visa from here. We all are going through traumatic effect here and mom is alone there so its hard to imagine how she is managing there.

Your advice could change our lives.

Tracy B

Well-Known Member
24 December 2014
Hi Nichyo,

I'm very sorry to hear about your situation. It must be worrying for you and your family and I completely understand why you are working towards bringing your mother over. I hope she is doing well in the circumstances.

As for your question, the Australian government has not announced any special visa rules for non-Australian citizens in Nepal to travel to Australia. This is likely a policy decision as well as a timing matter (it may be too early for them to respond on the visa front). Your options appear to be:
Here is some information on which embassy oversees visa applications from Nepal.

I am not familiar with migration law, so apologies I cannot help you further. Have you tried speaking with your local community legal centre (free service)? Further, you can try contacting Legal Aid NSW - Immigration service and the Immigration Advice and Rights Centre.

Good luck and stay strong.


10 May 2015
I am sorry to hear about your situation. The visa you are thinking about is the Contributory Parent Visa (which is the fastest to get) but costs over 50K and the children in Australia must be on PR visas or citizens. The 485 visa is a temporary visa which does not allow you to sponsor your parent to come over for anything but a short holiday.