QLD 12 mths 14 fines that I never received

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10 February 2020
Hi, I went to renew my licence and was informed that I have 11 outstanding speeding fines. The reason I never received them is because my address was wrong on my licence and I'd never noticed it. My house number is 275A but the'A' was missing. Our neighbour, instead of simply putting any foriegn mail into our mailbox which is literally 1cm away she chose to throw it away or return to sender as it was on my file at the transport department that I haven't recieved the notices. Of course if I had of I would of been more careful. Apparently I was only ever slightly over the limit as they were mostly at roadworks sites and I'd never seen the camera. Anyway that's no excuse for speeding I know.
So I have a couple of questions; Do I have any leg to stand on regarding the wrong address? Especially since they know I didn't receive them. Maybe a couple could be waived? I have already set up a sper account and this is where they found other fines from years ago, which makes no sense to me at all. My other question is; Could I have all of these infringement notices resent to me so I can check they are infact mine as I would like to know exactly where my 4 thousand dollars is going and one last thing, can they send them to me for free?


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27 September 2015
nope - you've got nothing.
Can you get the fines re-sent? visit the local registry authority - every chance you can view them online once you've registered

I'm thinking you've been caught at the same place several times - same drive to work? I've noticed a police radar trap at the same spot almost daily on my commute to work. Either way doesn't change the facts here.