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Fines herbes (French: [fin.z‿ɛʁb]) designates an important combination of herbs that forms a mainstay of French cuisine. The canonical fines herbes of French haute cuisine comprise finely chopped parsley, chives, tarragon, and chervil. These are employed in seasoning delicate dishes, such as chicken, fish, and eggs, that need a relatively short cooking period; they may also be used in a beurre blanc sauce for seasoning such dishes. Fines herbes are also eaten raw in salads.

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  1. A

    VIC Challenging Multiple “driving unregistered vehicle” fines

    Hi all. Ok, so I got two infringement notices, one for speeding (allegedly 70 a 60 zone), and a few weeks later, one for entering an intersection allegedly 0.8 seconds after the right hand arrow turned red (this one I remember, it was a traffic clogged, rush hour, 'traffic at a stop' situation...
  2. C

    WA Multiple parking fines submitted then withdrawn by council

    Hi - so quick run down- in 2021 I was issued with 4 parking fines and spread out throughout the year - every single original fine had a mistake (one had a bobcat infringement, another stated the offence took place at the council next over) - basically due to medical issues I missed the court...
  3. L

    VIC Fines Victoria - old fines & going to court

    hello all, i have received a traffic fine from 2015, i had heard nothing until now 2022. i got a notice of final demand from fines Victoria, with a letter saying my application for revocation was refused OR struck out by the magistrates court. i don't believe any such request was made. i...
  4. Z

    NSW Unregistered vehicle fines - insurers error?

    My mother is a pensioner on the NSW automatic renewal (concession) registration scheme. She paid her her 6 monthly CTP insurance with her usual provider (with a current greenslip). However, somehow, her provider had issues communicating this info to NSW RTA, and consequently, unbeknownst to my...
  5. B

    VIC How long do traffic fines stay active?

    I just heard on the tv tonight that thousands of traffic fines have become non valid due to some computer system bungle. They also said that fines older than 5 years are automatically written off. Just wondering if that's correct information. Thanks.
  6. EmmaLouise1

    SA Speeding fines so large under a payment plan they will never be paid back, can they be forgiven?

    Somebody I know has speeding fines of over $30000 left to pay, as he does not earn alot of money, he has a payment plan organised for $50 a fortnight, paying off $1300 a year. he got these fines a long time ago, and was actually jailed for driving offences and since then, learnt his lesson, and...
  7. B

    Company Registred Car fines around $8900

    Hi. My car is registred on Company name. I live in Victoria. I have 4 fines. Each fine is around $2000+. I did not nominate in time due to my personal circumstances. Now fines victoria says time to nominate finishes and now they want me to pay the full fine I said I cant pay $8900. I was asking...
  8. 0

    VIC Are the rules around COVID19 legal? Can the fines and orders be fought in court?

    So, I saw the story about gun stores that were forced to shut down due to new "rules" now saying they are banding together and going to sue the state government 'I can't pay bills': Gun dealers set to sue police over ban on sales ...and it made me think about our individual rights and freedoms...
  9. S

    NSW Interstate Fines

    Hi All, Got myself a speeding ticket when I was down in SA for work. I was doing 25 km/hr over. In South Australia doing 20-29 over incurs 5 demerit points, whereas in NSW it incurs 4. I rang RMS here in NSW and twice they said that NSW rules apply. However they would not send that to me in...
  10. IR44

    SA 2 Speeding Fines (<10KM) within 11mins of each other

    Firstly, not disputing the fact I was speeding. Do I have any recourse with getting one of the fines dropped. My question relates around 2 points: - Does SA have a similar position as VIC on multiple speeding fines in a short period, where opportunity is given to drivers to "positively alter...