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Never Shout Never is an American rock group formed in Joplin, Missouri in 2007, originally as a solo project of Christofer Drew. The group includes Drew, bassist Taylor MacFee, and drummer Hayden Kaiser. Never Shout Never has released six full-length albums and nine EPs.
The touring band that accompanied Drew when NSN was a solo project were known as "The Shout" until the decision to incorporate the members into the Never Shout Never name full time.

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  1. H

    International travel with a warrant.

    I have a warrant for my arrest in NSW for skipping bail from over fifteen years ago. I have since been pulled over multiple times all over Australia for RBT and never had an issue, I’ve never been charged with any other offenses in this time either. I was arrested once for assault in QLD but not...
  2. B

    QLD 12 mths 14 fines that I never received

    Hi, I went to renew my licence and was informed that I have 11 outstanding speeding fines. The reason I never received them is because my address was wrong on my licence and I'd never noticed it. My house number is 275A but the'A' was missing. Our neighbour, instead of simply putting any foriegn...
  3. U

    QLD Child Neglect/Family Law

    My son is 3 now and has absolutely no relationship with his bio dad even when he was a baby. His father would get "bored" and go out with his mates all night doing god knows what and never participated in caring for our son, he has serious anger issues which certain things he did gave my son...