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SA Am I Able to Dispute Speeding Fines?

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by GGCunningham, 25 July 2016.

  1. GGCunningham

    GGCunningham Member

    25 July 2016
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    Hi there, would love some help.

    I received a speeding fine on the Princes Highway, Crafers West.

    There was a variable speed limit of 40km/h due to roadworks, which I slowed down for (in fact, we slowed to about 25km/h due to thick traffic).

    Once well past the roadworks, 400 metres/ish, I sped up (as were all the other cars) but at 500 metres past the roadworks, I was pinged, doing 77km/h (I was heading up to the normal speed limit of 90km/h). A further 400 metres on from that was a 90km/h sign.

    I know that I was in the wrong, however, I see this as incredibly unfair given the roadworks were almost 1km behind me and clearly, there were no further roadworks ahead, so I assumed (should never assume) that once we were through, we were good to go (like most roadworks!). I was horribly wrong and have a $941 bill to pay plus lose 7 demerit points!

    I know that I would not be the only one who was caught out here, as there were plenty of cars doing exactly the same as me!

    I also have one other car in one of the photos (it is a fair way back) so wondered if I am able to dispute speeding fines.

    Any help would be sensational.

    Thank you.
  2. Sophea

    Sophea Guest

    Generally law is law on these things, and reasonableness of the law is not valid basis for breaking it.

    I don't know about SA but some states will waive a fine if you have had a good history for 5-10 years?
  3. AlphaR1

    AlphaR1 Active Member

    2 August 2016
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    Elect to have the matter heard at court and choose to plead guilty with an explanation, the explanation being that which you have outlined here. If you have a good traffic history, print this out and show it to the court.

    It is probable at the very least that you will get a substantial reduction in penalty and/or demerit point loss.

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