QLD Who do I ask ? How do I prove that something DIDN'T happen ?

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by Jack Blak, 15 January 2020.

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    15 January 2020
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    Hi, The mother of my daughter has tried every trick in the book to make it impossible for me to have a relationship with my daughter & I've had enough of it & want her to be held accountable for the many times that she has lied in affidavits that she has submitted to the family court, puerly to try to make me look really bad and gain the upper hand in our 5 year long custody case.

    This twisted b***h has put a affidavit in stating that "Recently 2 detectives came to my house late one afternoon and told me that they had received information that my X had put out a contract to have me killed & they immediately took me & my daughter into protective custody for the night & then arranged community housing at a new, secrete location for the both of us the next day so we both would be safe"

    This happened about 1 year ago. Just for the record, I did not try to get her killed. I'm fairly certain that if that did happen as she claims that sometime within the last year I would have been questioned & possibly charged by the cops ?

    I believe that the family law court should look into allegations like this (as there would be a record of it & I'm sure that they could easily access that kind of information) but as anyone who has been forced to deal with them would know - The Family Law Court is as useless as tits on a boar pig & only hear, do & say what they choose to.

    So how do I prove that this is a complete lie just as 95% of her accusations have been.
    I really want the court to see her for what she is instead of the poor, hard done by, single mum mask that she wears so. Well at court apperenes.

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    you don't. Family law isn't about proving the ex is a liar. It is about proving that it is a good thing for the kid to spend time with you. Focus on proving that and forget about the rest.
    I know, trust me I know. But you need to work out what is more important to you. Proving the ex a liar, or spending time with your kid?

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