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A daughter is a female offspring- a girl or woman in relation to her parents. Daughterhood is the state of being someone's daughter. The male counterpart is a son. Analogously the name is used in several areas to show relations between groups or elements. The word daughter also has several other connotations attached to it, one of these being used in reference to female descendancy or consanguinity. It can also be used as a term of endearment coming from an elder.
In patriarchal societies, daughters often have different or lesser familial rights than sons. A family may prefer to have sons rather than daughters and subject daughters to female infanticide. In some societies it is the custom for a daughter to be 'sold' to her husband, who must pay a bride price. The reverse of this custom, where the parents pay the husband a sum of money to compensate for the financial burden of the woman, is found in societies where women do not labour outside the home, and is referred to as dowry.

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  1. J

    Tenants in Common in Equal Shares to buy out share - Mother & Daughter Dispute

    I am a tenant-in-common in equal shares of property in Sydney with my daughter. The property was purchased in March 2005 and is presently unencumbered. The purchase price was over $700K. My daughter left the property in May 2005. My daughter’s ex-boyfriend was the mortgage broker and insisted on...
  2. D

    VIC Will leaving property to step daughter

    Hi I had moved into a joint property with my partner and his Will states basically that all furniture is to be left to his daughter. The furniture was all replaced brand new at my cost. I have receipts to prove purchases. Can daughter/or executor demand it be removed to them, if something does...
  3. T

    WA Setting up a Trust to protect assets gifted to my daughter

    Hi, I'm new here and seeking some advice about setting up a trust fund for my daughter to provide funds for her future that can't be touched by anybody else even in the event that she gets into a long term de-facto relationship, or marriage, that later ends and the ex-partner/husband wants to...
  4. W

    VIC Legal advice to help shoplifter daughter (18)

    About a week ago my daughter (18 years old) was caught shoplifting at our local Coles supermarket. Because I only got her side of the story after the fact, when I came to pick her up, I can't be 100% sure of how accurate her account of events are, but this is what she told me: - She was...
  5. L

    SA Tricky Mother has had Daughter Assessed for Autism

    Thank you for answering my questions. This is a tricky situation, the mother of the child (daughter) has paid for a autism assessment in which she has lied and stated the father has no contact or involvement with the child. The mother has signed a legal contract stating this to the...
  6. C

    AVO - Primary PINOP is my 6 years old daughter

    I am served with police AVO - primary PINOP is my 6 years old daughter + the ex and Grandma. which restricts my contact to all of them, also means now I can't see my daughter any more. little background of relationship with my daughter. we recently reconnected by location order after 4 years...
  7. J

    16 year old daughter being harrassed by an adult

    Hi, New here. Joined specifically to pose this question. Any information would be a help. Yesterday my daughter was called into the office to speak with the practice manager. She is 16 and left school after year 10 last year. Works full time at a Dental Surgery as dental nurse. She was...
  8. I

    Probate - Estranged Daughter

    Hi, My Dad quite wealthy had a mistress many years when mum was alive and then took up with her upon mums death 15 years ago - he was with the mistress 25 or so years. I have a sister and Dad and the new woman have no kids. My father left 50% of will to my sister 10 % to my 3 kids (when they...
  9. Dellamb

    ACT Ex taken my daughter despite not being on birth certificate or registration.

    So my ex and I have had quiet a horrible break up but to make matters worse off for myself he has taken all 3 Kids (2 BIO, 1 NOT) and moved them out of the A. C. T. He is NOT even on my almost 2yr olds birth certificate SO HOW CAN HE JUST BE ABLE TO REMOVE HER FROM THE A. C. T AGAINST MY...
  10. O

    NSW Estranged Daughter Estate

    To cut a long story short, my husband cared for his grandma for years after his mum died. The Grandma had one estranged daughter. The grandma had left the property she was living in to my husbands mum decades ago, and when his mum died, grandma went to her normal solicitor and asked to change...