VIC What to Do About Cyber Bullying on Facebook?

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25 October 2016
I am writing about a problem my sister has been experiencing. She is 19. For the last 6 months, someone has been harassing and cyber bullying her on Facebook, making accounts and messaging her. She cannot block them because as soon as they send a message, they deactivate their account.

As far as we know, you cannot block an account that isn't active and without knowing their email address. They are only active for a few minutes at a time, so it's hard to catch them online. Facebook has no option to not get any messages as they still go to her others folder. She also contacted FB but they cannot do anything.

The messages are not threatening or anything, they are just calling her hurtful names and making fun of her. She is so angry that she said she wants to go to the police to report this. I told her not to. I am not sure if they can do anything if it's not threatening or stalking in any way.

Also, the messages has stopped for the past week, but she still wants to report them to the police. She came to me to get help, but I am not sure either.

Is it possible for the police to do anything to non-threatening messages, especially if it has stopped? It's easier for me to say, but I told her it's not worth it, but I am not sure.

Thanks in advance for any messages.

Danny Jovica

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9 September 2016
Hi Samantha,

Yes she can go here Cyber-bullying | ACORN the Acorn website is a Government website for reporting Cyber Crimes, they in-turn will forward your complaint to the local cyber crime unit.


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27 May 2014
Realistically, unless this is a serious issue they are unlikely to do anything because they are severely under-resourced.

Deleted member 12925

Realistically, unless this is a serious issue they are unlikely to do anything because they are severely under-resourced.


Your sister is able to make an application for an intervention order at any Magistrates Court against the person perpetrating the bullying see Applying for an Intervention Order | Magistrates' Court of Victoria

You are further able to report the posts on Facebook either using the report button under the post or in a more substantial manner by writing to Facebook via the post to their Head Office in Ireland of all places. We have done this for clients in the past with success in terms of having the bullying persons banned from Facebook and the offensive material removed from Facebook.

If the posts are appearing on Google searches in the cached search results it is further possible to make these removed by making contact with Google and we have further done this for clients in the past that resulting in the search results no longer showing up on the internet.

I am an Accredited Specialist in both Family and Criminal law and I have had the experience of representing hundreds of clients across Australia in intervention order and restraining order matters. If you would like more in depth advice I can be contacted at: Glenn Thexton, Thexton Lawyers - LawTap - Find a Lawyer & Book Online Instantly.