cyber bullying

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  1. C

    NSW Cyber-bullying, legal and non legal responses and effectiveness

    Hey everyone, I was wondering about the legal and non-legal responses to cyber-bullying and the effectiveness of these responses in achieving justice
  2. A

    VIC Private messages shares by their party to my workplace

    I had an argument with a friend over private messages about a non-work related matter, but we work together. This conversation was shared to someone else without my consent or knowledge, who then passed it on to a fourth person. This forth person - who is not related to the conversation at all -...
  3. B

    QLD Online harrassment from co-workers

    What can be done about a group chat on facebook that my co-workers have made where they objectify and make disgusting and rude comments about a number of the girls at work. It has gone on for so long and the boss says he can't legally do anything about it as it doesn't happen in the workplace.
  4. S

    NSW Harrassment, Cyber Bully

    We are in the process of reporting a matter to police which involves one persons actions and several offenses including stalking, using a carriage service to menace, harass and cause offense. We have a cyber consultant assisting with the documentation in preparation. My question is that once a...
  5. R

    QLD Homework Question - Cyberbullying

    Hi Law Forum, Can anyone tell me if cyberbullying is illegal in Queensland, and if so, under what Legislation is it? Also, what is the National Legislation re cyberbullying? Pretty sure it comes under the Criminal Code. Thanks Heaps :)
  6. R

    NSW Homework Question - Cyberbullying Law Reform

    I have this assignment about Law Reform, so I just wanted to know the changes that had to happen from the very 1st law about cyberbullying until now. Thank You
  7. dachshundlover

    QLD Harassment by Bully - Restraining Order?

    I have been harassed by a peer that I went to high school with for the past three years. He has verbally abused me on multiple occasions extremely viciously. He has spread lies and humiliating rumours about me. He has used his Snapchat and his Facebook page to cyberbully and incite harassment...
  8. E

    NSW Harassment and Defamation - Seek Charges and Compensation?

    I had someone make & distributed posters of me with my photo, full name, phone number & address with false & degrading remarks on them & put them up around where I lived. She sent emails to my place of work of similar nature, which resulted in my employment being terminated & she set up a fake...
  9. S

    VIC What to Do About Cyber Bullying on Facebook?

    I am writing about a problem my sister has been experiencing. She is 19. For the last 6 months, someone has been harassing and cyber bullying her on Facebook, making accounts and messaging her. She cannot block them because as soon as they send a message, they deactivate their account. As far...
  10. C

    VIC How to Prevent More Cyber Bullying?

    Hi, I have recently discovered there is a Flickr account created in my full legal name which is following countless pornography sites. I have recently stopped seeing someone who was becoming obsessive and I am sure he is responsible for this. I have notified Flickr and provided them with...